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  • As a retired mother of 4 grown children and 9 grandchildren, it can be tough to live on a fixed income and getting even harder to stretch my Social Security Check.  I can't thank you enough for helping me get a cell phone, which otherwise wouldn't have fit into my monthly budget.  Now, I can talk to all my loved ones and I was even able to hear my grandson's first words thanks to your help - God Bless!

    Olivia from Des Moines, IA,
    Free Cell Phones for Food Stamp Recipients

FREE Cell Phone Service for Low Income

  • At first I didn't know if the Lifeline Program was real or not - but after calling Lifeline Landing I learned that the government would help me find a job with both career services and a cell phone to make sure I could talk to employers.  After only two weeks I got a call back from a job I had applied for and started the next week - it wouldn't have been possible with the help of this service.  Thanks!

    Lou from Dublin, OH,
    Free Cell Phones for Medicaid Receipients